Adam Gschwender

Software engineer in Raleigh, NC 27615 with 20 years of web development experience available for remote contract work




Principal Software Engineer in New York, NY

Acted as technical lead for fulfillment operations, which was responsible for all tools ensuring order fulfillment and restaurant compensation. Helped define scope and provided technical guidance to the engineers on the team. Led various projects to ensure the reliability of the application. Performed cross-team code reviews, defined standards and aided in the hiring of engineers.



Principal Software Engineer in New York, NY

Acted as technical lead for hub operations, a role that includes system design, visual design and implementation of the order fulfillment applications. Built the website, mobile web and Android applications. Built a server provisioning system and integrated a continuous integration server. Defined application requirements and involved in UX design. Performed code reviews. Aided fellow engineers in application design. Assisted in hiring engineers.

Maker's Row


Senior Software Engineer in Brooklyn, NY

Introduced dev ops processes to engineering team. Built a provisioning system to ensure that software and configurations are consistent across all development environments. Integrated Jenkins into the development workflow to allow push button deploys to production and continuous integration into the development environment. Rebuilt the messaging platform to resolve performance failures. Defined technical interviewing process.

Warby Parker


Lead Software Engineer in New York, NY

Acted as lead engineer on the site conversion team, which was primarily responsible for redesigning and optimizing the checkout flow. Wrote credit card processing application to interact with Merchant e-Solutions. Automated setup of developer workstations and environments, including database migration and deployment. Performed code reviews and conducted interviews.

McCann Erickson


Senior Software Engineer in New York, NY

Identified and corrected inefficiencies in development processes. Developed a copy editing application, which provides staff with the ability to modify a website's copy. Built tools for easily generating site screenshots for stakeholders. Acted as technical lead on all web-based projects.

Interactive One


Senior Developer in New York, NY

Developed an ORM library for mapping objects to queries while still maintaining control of the queries. Developed a search application using Elasticsearch and Python. Applied Google's SEO best practices to various areas of the sites. Identified and fixed several security vulnerabilities.

The New York Times


Software Engineer in New York, NY

Developed search-related applications for Implemented the New York Times site search and vertical searches using Google's Custom Search Engine.

Community Connect


Senior Developer in New York, NY

Acted as the technical lead on dating products, which generated several million in revenue per year. Mentored junior engineers. Developed an interface for various payment gateways.


Senior Developer in Stamford, CT

Managed a team of five engineers responsible for maintaining Responsible for all development rollouts. Built the recruiter and e-commerce portions of the website.


Open Source Projects

  • pilbox: An image resizing application built on the Tornado web framework using Pillow.
  • go-local: An example setup for local development of a go application using docker.
  • autoreload: Go package and executable for automatic application reloading.
  • reddited-extension: Chrome extension for accessing Reddit content.